Hey, I’m Josh 👋

I’m the co-founder of Chirr App, a Twitter marketing tool for teams.

Previously, I worked as a consultant helping software teams improve their user retention metrics. Before that, I was a freelance software engineer. And before that, a corrective exercise coach for people with severe back pain. It’s been a ride.

The focus of this blog changes over time. It depends on where I’m at in life and what I’m working on. I’ve distilled the practical lessons from each phase into the ‘useful guides’ section below.

What I’m up to now…

  1. At the moment, I’m learning how to tell better business stories. Less mechanical marketing copy and more human transformations.
  2. I’m in the process of developing a workshop for Chirr App that shows teams how to treat their company’s Twitter social presence as a team sport. Two workshops down so far, still making huge adjustments. You can sign up to the waitlist here.
  3. I’m also working with a small group that’s putting together a cultural sensitivity training program for people that move to Goa from larger cities.
  4. I’m advising 3 early-stage businesses (one makes delicious tonic, the other is an e-commerce store and the last one’s a workflow manager for restaurants) and I’m mentoring freelancers over at GrowthMentor.

Last updated May 15th 2021.

Useful Guides

A collection of guides that cover everything I’ve learned about growing software products so far.

Stuff I’ve published elsewhere

Other fun projects…