Twitter for Business

A guide to bringing in paying users from Twitter for technical founders who are uncomfortable with the idea of self-promotion.

Your software product is finally finished and you’re ready to start marketing.

The horror slowly begins to set in and you realize this whole “marketing” thing might be a bit more complicated than you’d originally imagined.

I’m the co-founder of a software product called Chirr App. Everyone keeps telling me to invest more time into marketing. But what exactly am I supposed to do with that time?

I’m on a mission to figure this one out.

Here’s an outline of the guide I’m setting out to write:

  • What does “doing marketing” even mean?
  • Where does Twitter fit into all of it?
  • How to lurk on Twitter (Tweetdeck for power users)
  • Ok, but what do I Tweet about everyday?
    1. Your minimum viable personality
    2. How to write killer Twitter threads
    3. Build in public vs. cringe in public
    4. Josh Spector’s 30-day reply challenge
  • Getting serious about making friends on Twitter (DMs, PR, guest posting and doing podcast interviews)
  • Simple sales funnels and actually making money
  • How to blow money on Twitter Ads
  • The 90 day action plan I wish I’d started with

I’ve started collecting my learnings and past experiences around different aspects of this conversation:

I will continue to explore this problem space over the next few months and share what I learn here.

By the end of it, I should have…

  1. Some solid results to with my own software product 🤞
  2. A clear mental model of how it all fits together.
  3. A bunch of great resources to share.
  4. A repeatable framework that other technical founders can use to grow their products.

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