I’m the co-founder of Chirr App, a tool that helps people compose and schedule Twitter threads.

Previously, I worked as a consultant helping software teams improve their user retention metrics.

Below are a collection of guides that cover pretty much everything I’ve learned about growing software products.

Growth Guides…

The user retention audit

Here is a quick framework to measure and improve user retention. I’ve distilled everything I know about improving retention into 9 YES/NO questions.

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Customer discovery in the context of existing products

The questions I ask, how I find people to speak to, how I organize all the data, and how it all comes together and leads to actual improvements in a product.

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Writing design

Most of what’s on a screen are words. Words make up the content, the navigation, it’s on the buttons, in the headings, it’s everywhere. Everyone knows what the product is supposed to say. Yet, at the last minute, someone on the team is tasked with filling in the final wording. If you have ended up being that person, this article is for you.

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A high converting landing page

People of the internet have been building landing pages for a while now and have established a pattern that works. Don’t deviate from this pattern unless you have a good reason. Save the fancy stuff for the rest of your marketing efforts.

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