I got accepted to the CXL Institute’s growth marketing mini-degree scholarship program. The program runs online and covers 112 hours of content over 12 weeks. As part of the scholarship, I had to write an essay about what I learn each week.

Here is what I learned each week

  1. The mindset https://blog.joshpitzalis.com/mindset
  2. Getting press https://blog.joshpitzalis.com/pr
  3. Landing page optimization https://blog.joshpitzalis.com/lpo
  4. Email marketing laws https://blog.joshpitzalis.com/deliverability
  5. Managing a growth program https://blog.joshpitzalis.com/battleship
  6. Running surveys https://blog.joshpitzalis.com/surveys
  7. Improving your landing page https://blog.joshpitzalis.com/messaging
  8. Setting up Google Analytics https://blog.joshpitzalis.com/analytics