Product Messaging

I’ve been offered a partnership in a product and, if I join, I’d be coming in to lead growth. There is room to improve on the two existing acquisition channels (SEO and Social), the product’s retention curve needs to be stabilised and there is some messaging work to be done.

I learned how to improve retention at Reforge. They taught me to break the process into three distinct phases: The onboarding, engagement and off-boarding. Each phase then has its own measures, tactics and goals.

The piece of the puzzle that is missing at the moment is the messaging around the product. I’ve learned how to think about structuring a content marketing campaign in a similarly strategic way from Tommy Griffith’s Clickminded courses.

Clickminded’s messaging framework is a traditional content sales funnel with a top, middle and bottom. Content at the top is forgetting people in the door, the middle of the funnel is meant to capture peoples contact details and the bottom of the funnel is designed to make sales.

If a product solves an urgent problem, people know of your solution and it cost nothing then you don’t need a funnel. The more people or money involved, the more time it will take for everything to align. The more consequential the decision, the longer a funnel needs to be.

At Chirr app, we don’t have any kind of product messaging funnel set up at the moment. If they like it they start using it. We offer little to no help as people go from discovering the product to using it on a regular basis and developing a habit around it.

In April 2021 our MRR was $3607 MRR, we had 5.2K users and 729 paid customers. This is why I think there’s room for growth. If the product works with little to no assistance, imagine how good we could do if we starting guiding people through the product activation process.

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