When someone gives you their email in exchange for a lead magnet it is the beginning of a delicate relationship. You have permission to contact them again, but if spam them with irrelevant nonsense it’s game over.

A tripwire has to be a fantastic deal for it to work. It must be an absolute no-brainer. Good tripwires are splintered from your core offering. You want there to be a logical transition to the eventual sale of your core offering.

A great example of a tripwire is a carpet cleaning company offering a sofa steam cleaning service for $89. Getting your sofa steam cleaned for less than $100 is an amazing deal. If they do a good job, the logical progression to getting your carpets cleaned is obvious.

If you’re a cosmetic dentist, start with an amazing whitening deal. Then transition to higher ticket cosmetic work. If you sell expensive guitars, sell utterly gorgeous picks for $1. A tripwire’s purpose is simple: money must exchange hands.

Between a lead magnet and the tripwire, the goal is to provide an incredible amount of value upfront. Once people experience what you offer, they can safely assume that any future offer will have that same level of quality.

The transition from $0 to $1 changes the nature of your relationship. When money exchanges hands a threshold is crossed. The transition from $1 to $100 to $1000 is quantitative. It is more of the same. Getting people to buy again is always easier than that first sale.

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