Growth Strategy

Thinking about growth strategically helps build a shared framework for making decisions. If we have lots of things we can build prioritisation becomes hard.

This is the big picture for Chirr app at the moment. It outlines the loops and linear channel we have in place and options we can explore.

With a big picture in place, now we can look at each piece of work on our backlog and ask which loop it’s helping optimise and how it fits it to this bigger picture.

Instead of just attacking the backlog ticket by ticket I propose a three step sequence for getting things going:

  1. Optimise our existing loops first
    This means breaking each loop down into its individual steps and measure the conversion at each stage. Then thinking about how we can speed it loop up or optimise conversion at a step.
  2. Then add new loops
    Once we have done our best to optimise our existing loops we can start to add new loops. Loops are expensive and take time and involve building new features, promoting them, and maintaining them.
  3. Finally, invest in linear channels
    Once we have 2-3 powerful loops running then we can invest in linear, non-compounding source of traffic to feed the loops. Our main one at the moment in SEO but we could also focus on getting press, going to events, setting up partnerships (like webinars or guest posts collaborations, or using our product for their course, etc) etc.

The goal is not to have loads of loops, the goals is to have 2-3 powerful loops. We don’t want to rely on a single loop because the rules of channel might change and we don’t want to be over dependant. We also don’t want too many loops with loads of moving parts that are a hassle to maintain. So we optimise our existing loops and then start testing new loops and we settle on the fewest number of loops that give us the highest return.