Extractive systems exhaust resources by removing them faster than they replenish. These systems are parasitic, while regenerative systems are symbiotic. Regenerative systems protect and enrich what they depend on.

Consider a few regenerative examples:

– A regenerative economy would protect the natural energy systems that power it.

– In a regenerative system, social media would protect opportunities for offline connection.

– A company born from a culture of open ideas and debate would safeguard democratic ideals that gave rise to that culture.

– A creator who builds on a rich cultural lineage would be grounded in and support the community of that lineage.

Viewed through the lens of a purely capitalist economic system, regenerative systems often seem impossible. Extractive behavior is more competitive, which means that well-meaning attempts at regenerative behavior are doomed to fail.

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Learned about the idea of regenerative systems in a foundational course over at the Center for Humane Technology.

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