This is a collection of my favorite books, article, courses, podcasts, and videos.

Telling better stories

At the moment I’m learning how businesses can tell better stories and these are the top resources I’ve come across so far. I will continue to update this page as I go deeper.

  1. Obviously Awesome A big problem I’ve always had with business storytelling in the past is that it often feels like putting lipstick on a pig. April Dunford’s book was the first time someone helped me put the pieces together behind the scene. It’s not so much about storytelling as much as getting your story straight. Having the elements of a story in place and figuring out what you’re even talking about is an important prerequisite to the story-making process. Here’s a quick summary of what I got out of the book.
  2. The Storytelling Sprint This 2-week course by Will Storr was incredibly helpful at laying down the foundations for telling a decent story and connecting the dots on how to do that in a business context. The most useful thing I got out of this was the idea that when you’re telling stories as a business you are never the hero, the person you are trying to reach is the hero and you are their guide through the wilderness.
  3. Story by McKee This is a book about the principles of screenwriting. However, it remains the most interesting book about storytelling that I have ever read. McKee is a bot of a wizard and he weaves ideas and truth in bewildering ways. Whenever watch a shitty storytelling course or read a crap book I go back to McKee to restore the balance.
  4. Foster is this incredible community where you can submit drafts of your writing and people actually read it and give you feedback. Some feedback is better than others but it’s a great space to get a sense of which bits of a story resonate and which bits are still foggy before you share it more widely.
  5. The Ultimate Guide to Writing Online is a beautiful long-form piece by David Perell on the many upsides of internet writing, no matter where you are or where you are trying to get to in life.

Reading to retain customers

I often get asked how I learned about user retention and what resources are available to learn more about retaining customers.

I’ve put together the following reading list to help expand your understanding of how to retain customers. This list is not exhaustive, I’ve limited the recommendations to the most useful ones I’ve found so far.

If you know any other resources that you think should be on the list please let me know.