Landing Page Fundamentals

A landing page helps people understand what your product does and why someone should care about it.

People on the internet have been building landing pages for a while now and they have established a pattern that works. Don’t deviate from this pattern unless you have a good reason to. Save the fancy stuff for the rest of your marketing efforts.

Strong headline

Imagine a five-year-old finds your product and asks you what it is. Based on your response the child should understand what your product does and who it does it for. Prioritize clarity and brevity.

Supporting byline

Now that the child understands what it does, explain how it does it in ten words or less.

Core benefit

Imagine the five-year-old challenges you and asks you why someone would need your product. Explain the biggest problem your product solves for them.

Top features

The five-year-old is almost convinced, but they need a little push to get them over the edge. List out some other problems your product solves.

A simple way to do this is to list out all the existing approaches or solutions that people resort to when they don’t have your product. Then explain the problem with each of these alternatives. Finally, explain how and why your product is better. Pick your top three.


The child is excited and now they want to get involved. What is the next step?

Your call the action button text should start with a verb and describe what will happen next ( Start trial, See pricing, Join waiting list). The button should be obvious twenty steps away from the screen.


The child’s parents show up. They are skeptical and would like to know a bit more about what is going on. Here is where you need to back up your claims and disarm the most common objections with specific data and/or testimonials.

This pattern helps make the value of your product self-evident. 

Typically, people just want information quickly.