I specialise in building web apps that help people learn things. If you have an idea for a learning-oriented digital platform I can help you turn it into a simple, fast and reliable web application.

Here are some learning tools I have helped design and build for my clients:


Have an idea for a digital product but not sure how to bring it to life? Planning your next big startup idea and need technical advice? Don’t know how to approach adding a new feature to an existing app?

If you want someone to take a fresh look at your web app, determine potential flaws, and put together an actionable plan for improvement then I can help. I’ll review your current situation and figure out a brief roadmap for solving the problem.

You’ll receive a video recording of the call and a brief written recap of key points.

A 60-Minute consultation call costs $250. 

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Project Proposal

A proposal will outline how I can turn your idea into a beautiful web application. I will outline what your options are, what my solution will look like, and how long it will take.

Here are some examples of some of past proposals:

Each proposal is unique. I include an outline of the architecture of the entire system and how the data will be modelled. You will be able to see how many screens there are and how they each connect to each other. I include wireframes for each page and high fidelity designs of the main screens so that you can see how the final product will look and feel.

My proposals are not templates, they are my custom solutions to your unique problem.

Once a proposal is complete, if you decide not to work with me for whatever reason, you are free to take the project blueprint to another developer and have them build the project. You can modify the proposal in any way. You have paid for the proposal and you own all the ideas and designs within.

Proposals cost $1000 and they take 2 weeks to develop.

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Research-Based Landing Page

If you would like me to build a landing page for your product before I start work on it then you can promote the product while it is being built. I can also build a landing page so that you can gauge interest in an idea before you invest in building it. I can also build a landing page for an existing product.

A research-based landing page involves scheduling and conducting customer interviews with 10 people in your target market. The goal is to understand how they think about the problem you are trying to solve. I shortlist the most insightful responses then use exact phrasing to construct the sales copy. I then A/B test variations on the sales copy so that we will know what phrasing people resonate with the most.

All landing pages are fully responsive, includes all the sales copy, mockups of the final product, and integrated email capture with a mailing list. You will also receive audio recordings of all the interviews and final research report.

Landing pages cost $4500 and they take 2 weeks.

This service is for people who want to validate an idea for a digital product and gauge market interest before they invest time and money building the product.

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Build A Web Application

Want to turn a product idea into a beautiful, responsive, reliable web application in 6 week weeks? If you are looking for someone that will listen to your idea, understand what needs to be done, and then suggest the best way to structure and design your application so that it is fast, easy to use, and reliable, then I can help. Together we’ll figure out the necessary feature set and the put together a roadmap to bring them to life.

A web application costs $16,700 and takes 6 weeks. 

This service is for founders and small teams who have an idea for a digital product that they want to take to market without having to put an entire team together.

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Done-For-You Onboarding

There are two ways to grow a product. The first is to find more customers. The second is to improve the retention of the customers you already have. You will waste a tremendous amount of time and money on marketing if everyone who signs up to your app ends up leaving a week or two later. 

This service involves setting up retention analytics for your project so that we can see what your current retention rates are and where people are dropping off. I then craft an onboarding email sequence to address the issues and help people understand how to use your app at these bottlenecks. One month after the project is complete, I analyze the results with you. When relevant, I provide insights on what other aspects of your app could be addressed to improve retention rates, besides onboarding.

The retention tracking and onboarding email service costs $8,500 and takes 3 weeks to complete.

This service is for web apps that have found product-market fit but want to improve their retention rates so that they are getting the most out of the time and money they are investing in marketing and growth.

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6-Week Development Sprint

If you have an existing web application and spend time changing a user flow or introducing new features, this package was developed specifically for custom situations.

A development sprint costs $16,700 and lasts 6 weeks. 

This service is for early-stage react based web apps that have found product-market fit but want to improve their retention rates by reconfiguring the design or architecture of their application.

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The Utterly-Satisfied Money-Back Guarantee

I know it is not easy hiring a stranger to work on an idea that means a lot to you. There is no shortage of developers out there promising the moon. To put your mind at ease, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee on every service offered.

If you’re not utterly satisfied with the service, or if you think I missed the point in any way, I will issue a full refund. I will need to understand what the problem is. If it is a misunderstanding we can work together to fix the issue. If you are still unhappy with the work then I will issue a 100% refund. For the larger 6 week services, I will split the project into 2-week milestones so that we both know we are always on the same page.

If you are not sure which service is for you please don’t hesitate to ask for guidance —I will listen to your needs and then suggest the best option to start with. Should you need a custom solution, just get in touch and we’ll figure out the right way to work together.