I help technology companies grow by improving their retention.

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I help founders and product managers improve their SaaS user retention metrics with low-risk, fixed-price consulting service packages.

If you donโ€™t find a package that meets your needs, drop me a line at hello@joshpitzalis.com to discuss a custom arrangement.

A Retention Strategy Call

Lasts 1 Month | Costs $2000

If you want to improve your product’s retention, we can set up a 2-hour video call, and I can walk you through how to think about and define and measure your product’s retention metrics.

I will help you think through how you can improve your product from a retention perspective and then help you put together a roadmap to implement the changes so that you have clear steps to reach your goals. You will also receive a recording of the consultation so that you can review the material as often as you need to.

๐Ÿ‘‰ If you’re interested in booking a 1-on-1 consultation, please check my contact page.

User Retention Retainership

Takes at least 1 Month | Costs $5500

User retention has three components: onboarding, engagement and reactivation.

Each month I will deliver one concept proposal that outlines my best ideas and recommendations in a different component of retention.

My recommendations will be limited to changes that your product team can design, build and implement in less than a month.My recommendations are based on a combination of reviewing behavioural analytics, voice-of-customer interviews, and heuristic user testing.

โš ๏ธ This retainership is only for products that have completed the Retention Uplift service an have their product analytics, customer research and experimentation architecture in place.

To see when I am next available for this service, please check my contact page.

User Retention Uplift Service

Takes 3 Months | Costs $25,500

A complete retention uplift service for SaaS companies that have a minimum of 1000 new users a month.

Click here to learn more about the User Retention Uplift Service.

Overall, it was fantastic working with you. The two big differences between working with you and working with most developers are:
a) You care about your work. Having worked with remote developers a couple times, Iโ€™m so used to having to bug-hunt for them, make sure all the features discussed are there, etc. I really appreciated not having to do that with you.
b) Youโ€™re self-sufficient. Related to the first, I felt confident that, if I left you on your own, the work would get done well. You solve the problems that come up, without my help.
Overall, it was great working with you. If itโ€™s alright with you, Iโ€™d certainly like to continue working with you in the future.

Trevor Klee , Founder of 21st Night
Daniel Reeves

Josh was wonderfully thoughtful about the tradeoffs (newbees vs power users) and did many user tests to single out problem areas in the old design, and to test out the mockups of the new design.


Joshua was extremely detail oriented and thorough in this project. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting a quality developer.

Raju Arora, CEO of Kautilya Books

Josh was a real pleasure to work with. His communication was excellent. And he was very willing to make things right if mistakes were made. I think our specific job was a bit out of Joshโ€™s scope of expertise. But what we are doing is on the cutting edge of a very new industry, and so it is to be expected. Overall I would recommend Josh. He made great strides to be available.