Improve Your Product’s User Retention Metrics With A Terrific Retention Strategy

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I help product managers improve their user retention metrics with low-risk, fixed-price consulting service packages. If you don’t find a package that meets your needs, drop me a line at [email protected] to discuss a custom arrangement.

“Tell Us What To Do”

Takes 1 Month | Costs $2000

There are two ways to grow a product.

The first is to find more customers. 

The second is to stop churning through the customers you already have.  

You will waste a tremendous amount of time and money on marketing if everyone who signs up ends up leaving a week or two later. 

You’re burning through advertising dollars on people that would otherwise be a sound investment. Factor in the extra support & sales costs to hand-hold an unnecessarily confused user through your adoption process, and well, it becomes clear just how much cash you’re bleeding as you ‘grow’.

If you want to improve your product’s retention, we can set up a 2-hour video call, and I can walk you through how to think about and define and measure your product’s retention metrics.

I will answer any questions or problems that you have, and then we can review your product’s current user experience together. You don’t have to do the whole 2 hours in one go. We can break it up into 4 half-an-hour call if you’d like, or whatever makes the most sense. With this package you have access to as much guidance and support as you need, I will be available for any follow up questions by email throughout the month.

I will help you think through how you can improve your product’s user retention metrics and then help you put together a roadmap to implement the changes so that you have clear steps to reach your retention goals. You will also receive a recording of the consultation so that you can review the material as often as you need to.

👉 If you would like to book a 1-on-1 consultation, please pick a time that works for you here.

“Just Show Us What To Do”

Takes 1 Month | Costs $5500

(Book 4 months together for $22000 $15000)

I will diagnose your product’s user journey to understand when and why people stop using your product and then put together a proposal that outlines what you can do to address the problem with the resources that you have.

I will go through every touchpoint of your user’s experience from the initial point of contact to repeated use of your product. I map out the entire experience screen by screen, email by email. I would then highlight areas of friction, assess the consistency of the experience in terms of design and language, and then make recommendations to improve the product’s user journey.

At the end of each month, I will deliver one concept proposal that outlines my best ideas and recommendations. I will only propose things that you can design, develop and launch in less than a month.

In addition to a concept proposal, you will receive a two-hour conversation a month. I will present my proposal to the person that will implement it, explain it, go over any questions and figure out how to implement it best.

I also offer as much feedback via email, throughout the month. I can go over designs, prototypes, copy changes, and we can discuss ideas as much as needed, as long as it is done asynchronously and you give me 1-3 days to respond.

This service is for teams that have copywriters, designers and developers to implement the changes and improvements themselves. If you would like me to take care of everything for you, please take a look at the next package.

⚠️ To see when I am next available for this service, please check my contact page.

“Please Take Care Of Everything For Us.”

Takes 1 Month | Costs $22,200

This service covers everything I offer in the “Just Tell Us What We Need To Do” package above except that I also deliver final high-fidelity design work for all of the recommended changes, along with all of the final wording for changes and the frontend code for new or modified components related to any changes.

This package includes:

This service is for teams that do not have copywriters and designers and need changes that can go directly to the development team.

⚠️ To see when I am next available for this service, please check my contact page.

Overall, it was fantastic working with you. The two big differences between working with you and working with most developers are:
a) You care about your work. Having worked with remote developers a couple times, I’m so used to having to bug-hunt for them, make sure all the features discussed are there, etc. I really appreciated not having to do that with you.
b) You’re self-sufficient. Related to the first, I felt confident that, if I left you on your own, the work would get done well. You solve the problems that come up, without my help.
Overall, it was great working with you. If it’s alright with you, I’d certainly like to continue working with you in the future.

Trevor Klee , Founder of 21st Night
Daniel Reeves

Josh was wonderfully thoughtful about the tradeoffs (newbees vs power users) and did many user tests to single out problem areas in the old design, and to test out the mockups of the new design.


Joshua was extremely detail oriented and thorough in this project. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting a quality developer.

Raju Arora, CEO of Kautilya Books

Josh was a real pleasure to work with. His communication was excellent. And he was very willing to make things right if mistakes were made. I think our specific job was a bit out of Josh’s scope of expertise. But what we are doing is on the cutting edge of a very new industry, and so it is to be expected. Overall I would recommend Josh. He made great strides to be available.