Leading Growth

I’ve been offered the opportunity to join a product that I use, as a partner. It’s an app that lets you compose threads on twitter. The product solves a specific problem and it delivers on its promise. It’s a small team and if i join I’d be leading the growth effort.

The project is already cash positive and I think there is a tremendous amount of room for growth. There is an opportunity to optimise the existing acquisition channels, improve the product’s retention curve and then add new acquisition channels.

To improve retention my approach is to break the process down into 3 phases: onboarding experience, engagement and off-boarding. Then I find the biggest bottlenecks and opportunities in each areas and build experiments to find the optimal path for our primary use case.

Before I can do any of this I need to better understand our primary use case. We’ve started surveying people and setting up interviews to get a better sense of why people use the product, what they find valuable now and what better means to them.

Once our use cases is more clearly articulated we can start stress testing it with product experiments to improve retention. The next piece of the puzzle that remains in the content infrastructure: the ecosystem of information that exists around a product.

The messaging that goes on the landing page, the emails people get when they sign up, the story that we want to tell on social media, what our blog posts help people do. This all ties together to project a coherent narrative about our product, what it does and who it is for.