Writing for Humans: An SEO Article Checklist for Generating People-First Content

This article is for content writers who have started using generative AI tools to write. With the rise of automation, it’s easy to lose sight of what we’re all trying to do: create valuable information for real people, not churn out content by machines for algorithms.

An SEO article is successful when it thoroughly covers a topic and provides insightful analysis or interesting information beyond the obvious. A good article will include a clear headline, some first-hand expertise, and clear references or evidence to support its arguments.


GPT-3 Prompt Chains are Transforming the Way We Work

I discovered GPT-3 exactly one year ago. My original post on the Open AI forum today is dated Feb 12th 2022. 

I remember telling people it reminded me of what Facebook felt like when I first discovered it. Back when it was just students who had university emails. That feeling of technology that was going to change the world, it was exciting and brimming with possibility. 


Starting with bottom-of-the-funnel content

It’s December 2020 and Jon Yongfook just crossed the $8000 a month mark.

In an Indie Hacker update, Jon reflects on his progress building Banner Bear (a tool that helps you auto-generate images for your social media marketing) and wishes he’d spent less time building features and more time writing better tutorials for the features that already exist.

“As founders we think that our UI is intuitive or that people fully understand what our apps can do, but they just don’t. You need to show them, again and again, through blog posts, API portals, videos, etc – the more the better.”

Content marketing is an enormous fish to tackle. As someone struggling with the overwhelming question of where to start, this post will explore why creating product tutorials as a content strategy for search engine optimization makes a lot of sense.


Storytelling in Marketing

As much as sci-fi movies want us to believe data-rich holographic interfaces are how we’ll manage all our information in the future, that’s not the trajectory we’ve been following.

To persuade someone, motivate a group, or inform a society we have always used narrative. Tribal myths, heroic legends, the humble parable: stories have always set guide rails for collective thought.


Growing Tiny Businesses

shallow focus of sprout

These are a collection of different posts I’ve written over the last few years, pulled together from various unfinished blogs throughout my twenties and early thirties.


Twitter Marketing for Teams

red blue and yellow textile

The people you are trying to reach are on Twitter and you’re not taking advantage of this.


Guerrilla Games

blur board game business challenge

“Guerrilla games?” I asked.

She looked back at me and smiled, “They’re like normal games except we use the city as our board. It’s really fun, we…”. I stopped her right there…I was in.


What does responsible tech look like?

As someone building a digital product at the moment, I need more examples of responsibly built tech products so I can wrap my head around what it all means in practice.

Here are some examples I found in a foundational course over at the Center for Humane Technology.


Strong Positioning

I didn’t know that positioning was a thing until I read Obviously Awesome by April Dunford. I’d always just lumped it in with bullshit “Branding” exercises and other design astrology.

The hallmark of weak positioning is that people can’t understand what your product does. When they do, they don’t get how it’s different from any other product in the space. Strong positioning helps people instantly connect with what’s special about it.


Twitter for Sales

Here’s an outline of how to can use Twitter to get 100 paid customers in the next 90 days. First I’ll explain how sales happen on Twitter, What the pieces are, and how they all fit together. Then I’ll outline what you need to do. I’ll give you a list of deliverables that you can hand over to whoever is going to be managing your Twitter account.