What I’m up to now…

Last updated Apr 5th 2023.

My story in 7 bullet points…

  1. Started my career as a corrective exercise coach for people with severe back pain.
  2. After 7 years as a physical therapist, I needed a change. I dabbled on the design side of things for a year or two, and UX (whatever that means), but I eventually gravitated towards the tech.
  3. At 27, I pulled the trigger and I taught myself how to code.
  4. Worked as a freelance software engineer for about 5 years.
  5. I realized that I enjoyed the product side of software development much more than engineering. I gradually began to focus on helping companies improve their user retention metrics. Eventually, I switched to becoming a consultant full-time.
  6. At some point along the way, I began using a tool called Chirr App to write Twitter threads. Reached out to the founder, Sasha Koss, and shared my appreciation. We became friends. A year later, I joined the project as a co-founder.
  7. Sasha and I now work on Chirr App full-time. We’re a tiny bootstrapped team of 3 and we’re working hard to build a tool that helps teams promote your work on Twitter.

The focus of this blog changes over time. It depends on where I’m at in life and what I’m working on. I’ve done my best to distill the practical lessons from each phase into a collection of useful guides that cover everything I’ve learned about growing software products so far.

Some useful guides I wrote

Stuff I’ve published elsewhere

Other fun projects…